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Terms of use

AlcoPath must only be used after completing specialist training. Specialist trainings can be provided by an alcohol liaison nurse or the clinical lead for alcohol if you work within an acute hospital trust. If you work within a residential treatment provider or a community treatment service – your line manager or clinical lead may provide training on the tools used in AlcoPath. Outside of these options; training opportunities will be promoted on as they are made available.


Staff using the tool take full responsibility for any subsequent care or treatment actions they take. AlcoPath is not responsible for the individual patient or the unique context within which staff work with patients. Staff must always refer to their local policies and protocols, work within their scope of practice and in reference to current NICE guidance (particularly CG115 and CG100).


AlcoPath tools should only be used for patients under treatment of a medical doctor or appropriately trained registered prescribing health professional. AlcoPath is not intended to replace professional responsibilities to diagnose, monitor or direct treatment - only to inform staff and consider the results.



AlcoPath features as part of its cognitive assessment tool the Six-item Cognitive Impairment Test (6CIT) (see for further information). 6CIT is a validated tool and comes recommended by Professor Ken Wilson as our independent advising specialist. The Kingshill Research Centre, Swindon, UK owns the copyright to The Kingshill Version 2000 of the 6CIT but allows free usage to healthcare professionals


The Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment – Alcohol revised (CIWA-Ar) is a NICE-approved tool (see for further information) for the assessment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. All tools within AlcoPath give recommendations only, local policies and operating procedures must be considered ahead of any recommendations of AlcoPath. As always, staff using the tool will acknowledge their own responsibilities in providing care and treatment for patients and their workplace context and scope of practice they can safely work within.



Please consult your local policies relating to the printing or emailing of reports generated by AlcoPath. It is recommended not to attach any identifiable patient information to the reports generated unless it is to be sent via to email accounts or to known nhs secure systems/servers.



App usage data is collected for statistical and research purposes.  This will always be anonymised and will never be linked to an individual in any public domain.



AlcoPath has been developed for and is owned by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with Orbis Media Ltd. Professor Ken Wilson is an authority on alcohol-related brain injury and has supported the project as an independent advisor. The development of the AlcoPath App, website and supporting materials has been supported with an unrestricted grant from Kyowa Kirin.

Kyowa Kirin have had no editorial input into the content of the AlcoPath App, website or any supporting materials and receive no financial reward from its use.